What Boy Expect From Girl

Girl are often perplexed in their efforts to figure out what Boy really need to be happy and contented. At the end of the day, Eve’s daughters simply shake their heads, shrug their shoulders, and tell themselves that Boy will always be a complex mystery.
This shouldn’t always be the case, however. Since the root of all misunderstandings between the opposite sexes is probably the fact that each party has their own misconceptions about each other, then it’s time to set the facts straight. Once and for all, let us examine what Boy really expect from girl.

Boy expect girl to communicate their thoughts and feelings directly and honestly. Boy don’t like it when girl make them second-guess their actions. They expect their partner to express herself truthfully, and to verbalize her thoughts and feelings to help him understand her better. They don’t like playing emotional charades. If his lady has certain needs and wants that he must fulfill, a man wants to know it straight from her. However, Boy prefer a gentle, kind and loving way of communication. It will never do to be demanding, whining, and critical of him.

Boy expect girl to be strong, independent, and self-sufficient. Boy are attracted to confident girl. Although a loving relationship is defined by sharing your life with your partner, it is still healthy to maintain a separate identity and not lose your own self. A woman should maintain her own interests, activities, and set of friends. The last thing that she should be is a clingy partner, who cannot function on her own if separated from her man. However, there should still be a balance to this, because Boy also want to feel needed. Being too independent may make a man fear that his partner is no longer truly committed to him.

Boy expect girl to be faithful and devoted. Another common misconception is that Boy are more likely to commit infidelity in a relationship, so it often the girl who are heard as saying that they wished their man would be more faithful and devoted. In reality, no man would want to be cheated and betrayed by his girl as well. When a man is in a relationship, he expects his partner to be committed and willing to make the relationship work out.

Boy expect girl to know how to treat them right. Treating them right means knowing how to make them feel good. Boy have a need to be praised, appreciated, and supported in their opinions. Stroking his ego once in a while would do him good, as long as it’s done sincerely and not in a patronizing way.

No matter how they resent being baffled by the riddle that is Boy, towards the end, girl still try their best to understand and live in harmony with them. After all, the situation is fairly mutual. girl also have their own set of behaviors that puzzle Boy to no end.

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